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                  History of Enterprise Development

                  1999Company Established
                  2000Develop the firstdesign software in this industry
                  2002Develop the firstRKCMS system in this industry
                  2003Enter internationalmarketing
                  20041st Roller kiln fortableware
                  20051st ND series rollerkiln
                  2006Moved to Jinsha Area
                  20111st NL hotair dryer
                  2012Change to JumperThermal Technology Company

                  Combination of production, study and research with famous university,Participatein drafting standards

                  20151st KOHSTAkiln, ACRACE, j-COS and Be honored as Guangdong Enterprise Technology Center
                  2016Won China Good Designrewards
                  2018Mr. Wan became NationalSpecial Support Plan for High-level Talents and became Visiting Professor
                  2018KOHSTA kiln obtainsnational science and technology appraisal
                  2019KOHSTA KILN won thetitle of high-tech products
                  2019KOHSTA·PRO, j-FOS